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No one knows the song at the first listen, Ke Torreya is the person in the song after listening to the key words, love them well, no one will love you, this pessimistic rhetoric, the beautiful appearance, I think it’s so good, I can’t find it in the real world My confusion is covering up the overflowing youthful vitality, only affixes are left, there is a kind of contentment, when you call my English name, the edge of the leaves compose a poem, the number of days is going away, their storyline has already begun, this is the second time let I know that true love can be generous and selfish You are my keyword I'm not sure the best way to love is a verb or a noun I want to tell you the most naked feelings but forget the words Sometimes I cry and sometimes I'm not afraid of the subtext The meaning you hide in the lyrics is a proper noun The edge of the leaf composes a song and poem Their storyline is just about to begin This is the second time I love someone so generous and selfish You are my keyword about Song after song, about "they", I gradually discovered that tolerance is the most precious quality of a boy. It's not intentional flattery, it's not self-esteem, it's the kind of real gentleness that will take care of you at any time. If you wrap your neck well, you will open your coat and wrap you in your arms on the windy street. In fact, you are smart and interesting, and it is nothing to be smart. It is the rarest and most reassuring thing to be able to take care of other people's feelings. Life is meeting and parting one after another, forgetting and beginning again and again, but there are always some things that leave a mark once they happen, and there are always people who can't forget once they come. During those days, I was really sad. I would cry for no reason when walking alone. When I went to sleep at night, I would suddenly feel as if I was the only one left in the world. It seemed that no one would love me anymore, because I I can't find the feeling that I can love someone very hard. When you came, it was like a mountain full of flowers brought by spring. Your life has begun to look like the youthful vitality of summer. Your indifference is like the leaves falling in autumn. When you leave, it freezes me like the winter wind. Life has light. Before I go out, it is all I can do to illuminate you a little. Some scenery is liked but cannot be collected, just like some people are only suitable for meeting, I love you, you have to remember me. Bewilderment is the answer Dodging is the answer No longer taking the initiative is the answer In fact, you should have understood it a long time ago. Unfortunately, some people are ice, ice that never melts for thousands of years


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