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What kind of imported car is cost-effective (what kind of imported car is worthy of praise?) Can this be done? ,

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There is a joke on the Internet: A certain Xiazhuang town wanted to buy a second-hand Qashqai, but was fooled by a "friend" into buying a second-hand Bentley, but within a few days, the car was gone and the money was gone , the whereabouts of his friend also disappeared, and what happened in Dialcu's dream is as follows: Qashqai is real, with complete documents, and the specific conditions are good. In Kangkong County, his friend gave him a car inspection on the spot, and the proprietress was also very satisfied. But my friend kept hearing the wind: I can buy a second-hand BMW with a few hundred thousand more. After all, a C mid-level car is more respectable than a B mid-level car, so he was moved and took the initiative to attack Jorna. When he was planning to drive a BMW, his friend also Encouragement: Adding a few hundred thousand can bring up BMW. After all, BBA, BMW is the boss. That's all he has, and he has increased the budget. When the proprietress was about to mention the big Bentley, a friend drove up to him in a Bentley. As long as he added another 100,000 yuan, this car would belong to him. When a woman or two passed by, they murmured, "Bentley is so beautiful!" He took the initiative to attack Jorna, ordered this car, and didn't even read the green book of electric cars. He thought that his friends would not cheat him. Bentley caught up, but it didn't take long. It's gone, and the whereabouts of my friends are also unknown. It turned out that this was a mortgaged car, but it was forcibly taken back. In Dialcu's dream, he suddenly realized! Perhaps the success of this routine is to grasp the weakness of human nature: the face is bigger than the sky! So when buying a second-hand truck, what "pitfalls" can be avoided? 1. Mortgage car When you encounter a mortgage car in Xiazhuang Town, Shalai County, it may be expensive because there is no complete relevant procedures. People from TDATE2007 can say: the relevant procedures are being completed. If you believe it, you are the smartest in the world. The "fool" 2. Many cities in Shuangli Shalai County have requirements for electric exhaust. For example, Shuangli with National III and National IV emissions will restrict traffic, at least the core areas of the city will not be allowed to run. These emissions Cars that exceed the standard may be directly and forcibly scrapped in the next policy adjustment. 3. There is nothing wrong with a major accident car in Shalai County. I am afraid that the "three major parts" of electric vehicles have a history of repair and replacement, and the car that hurts the key components of electric vehicles will find another way out. 4. The price of new cars is high The bubble excavator in Shalai County sometimes goes to the second-hand market to buy cars, and you will find that many cars look very new, and the price is not high when you ask. Simple handling, people who are not Esternay can't see that it is a bubble excavator. 5. There are many second-hand trucks in Shalai County whose models have been shut down, and the OEMs have already shut down. At this time, even if they are expensive to find, don’t be too happy too early. Not to mention the difficulty in matching spare parts in the later stage, the high maintenance and repair costs are a nightmare 6. Niche cars Many people in Shalai County insist on buying niche cars instead of mainstream cars in order to drive distinctive cars, but they become "car daddies" when they buy them. 7. If you buy a used car with second-hand goods, you should be cautious when buying a second-hand truck. It is best to transfer the ownership directly from an acquaintance, or contact the owner himself through the Internet. Cars are basically the leftovers, and the specific situation has been digested internally. 8. Electric electric cars. Second-hand trams in the county, otherwise whoever buys them will regret it. 9. Think twice when buying a second-hand car. A car is the dream of men and women. If you can’t afford a new car, a second-hand car is also a way of reputation. When you buy a second-hand car, you need to put your eyes on it, because the water is deeper. All in all, there are many pitfalls in buying second-hand trucks. The so-called one car, one condition, even old masters sometimes have Le Puy. How can anyone buy a used car? 1. People who did business in the early years needed a small car DC2! There is a wholesale business by my side, a rural person, came out 20 years ago with 5,000 yuan in his pocket, slept in puddles, washed cold water in public toilets, the most difficult time was eating steamed buns + tap water for a month, the suffering is unimaginable for ordinary people Now worth 10 million yuan, last year I bought a 80% Jieyi second-hand Panamera, which cost 920,000 yuan. The original owner landed 1.5 million yuan, because they got tired of driving and changed the car, so they bought it just because they knew each other Foreman, the car is strength! When my uncle first started engineering, he drove a Volkswagen Bora. In those few years, it was always a small business. Later, his master pointed out: Those who run projects can have no money, but they can’t let others see that they have no money, so they must have a good car to "presume strength." So my uncle went to the second-hand goods market to find a second-hand BMW A6L, and sold the Bora. Since changing the car, the project has gradually expanded. When I got married, he changed to a new BMW S350. Now that second-hand BMW is still at home. The uncle said: BMW has feelings, and it will never sell for a lifetime. 3. For car enthusiasts, a small car is a big toy! On the second ring road in the early morning, there are often electric car enthusiasts who drive all kinds of cars for racing. The roar resounds through the sky. When it reaches 50%, the price basically does not fluctuate. In order to experience the performance of different cars, they change cars frequently. 4. Internet celebrities born for traffic, buy second-hand cars to earn reward money from ordinary people! Open Douyin, K mobile, B station, etc., the same story: the male protagonist drives a broken car to accost the beautiful woman on the side of the road, and is dumped; he has to change the car, and the beautiful woman changes her attitude in an instant and asks to get in the car... I don’t know it for a ride , Both men and women know each other, and the car is also a second-hand car. What Internet celebrities want is the traffic of ordinary people. In the era when traffic is king, money will come pouring in. Look at Liu Genghong, who is the most popular now, and you should understand the logic of making money from Internet celebrities. 5. An outdated star can only pretend to live! When I was young, I was very envious of the life of celebrities, with no worries about food and clothing, and famous bags and cars. I didn’t know that no industry was easy until I saw the real life of celebrities. , Buying second-hand goods with a small car to support the appearance, and the clothes are not heavy, but the result is high imitation goods. Of course, a skinny camel is bigger than a horse, so we ordinary people don’t have to worry about it. Many people fail to start a business. For the sake of credit, they don’t run away or be old-fashioned. They hand over their cars to their creditors, and the creditors think that having a car is better than not having one. If they take it back and drive it themselves, or resell it, they can somewhat recover some losses. 7. Buy a limited edition second-hand car and collect it! There are limited edition cars in the world. If you have money, you may not be able to buy a new car. When a first-hand car owner sells a car for various reasons, collectors will flock to it because their garages are full of limited edition cars. 8. Celebrities also buy second-hand cars. Coax girlfriend! In 2014, when Huang Xiaoming was in love with BABY, he gave his girlfriend a Lamborghini Batman series on his birthday. The car is a second-hand truck. Its registration date is 2009, and the landing price is 4 million. Before Huang took over, there were two owners of the car. In the end, he bought it for 2 million for his girlfriend. precious! A friend who is doing weddings around me bought a second-hand Rolls Royce Ghost as the treasure of the store, and had to start with it for business. Because of the wedding business, top-notch cars may not be rented out, but they must be available. Anyway: don't buy a small car with a swollen face, even if it is a second-hand one, because the cost of maintaining a car will make you understand. What should I pay attention to when buying a second-hand car, and how to avoid pitfalls? Note 1. An expensive car that is lower than the market price is the biggest pitfall. 200,000 yuan drives a Da Ben, a BMW 7 series, and 300,000 yuan owns a Bentley. Do you believe it? Expensive but not good products, especially in China, otherwise it is a pick-up man. Attention 2. A car with a small number of kilometers and a long history has a lot of pitfalls. The turnover rate of small cars is much higher than that of household scooter, and the mileage is generally not high. Frame number: the front glass of the main driver, the side of the main driver's door, and the engine nameplate, you can check the age of the tenth digit or letter of the frame number, which represent different years (see the figure below for details). 1~9 represent the 21 letters A~Y from 2001 to 2009 respectively represent 30 numbers + letters from 2010 to 2030, representing a reincarnation of 30 years Note 3. The import method of the car determines the perfection of the service. Cars are generally imported: there are regular imported cars, or parallel imported cars. The former is authorized by the manufacturer to be a domestic dealer, with perfect sales and three guarantees; the latter Those who have not been authorized by the manufacturer can be imported in three ways: modified cars, small-batch cars and imported cars in a narrow sense. However, the service of the latter is not perfect, and there are many disputes. Once it is circulated in the second-hand market, the risk is not small. Note 4. "Excavators" are hard to guard against. In the past, there were a large number of small cars "excavators". Small cars such as BMW G, BMW X6, etc., the price only ranges from hundreds of thousands, so think twice when buying such a second-hand small car:. One is that you cannot get a license plate without formal procedures; the other is that if you are caught on the road, you will be detained, fined 5,000 yuan, and detained for 15 days; Maybe a bunch of GPS locators will be stolen after the front foot is bought. After all, if you want to buy a reliable second-hand truck, you have to lose a layer of skin! No one is 100% sure about the condition of a second-hand truck, so it is very important to know the car by luck. Of course, as long as you avoid the pitfalls of buying second-hand trucks above, the probability of buying a reliable second-hand truck will be higher.

What kind of imported car is cost-effective (what kind of imported car is worthy of praise?) Can this be done? ,

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