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How to get rich with 10 yuan (Turn a 1 yuan business into a leading industry (big industry in the building materials market ①) Digging, Digging Mr. Huang is 39 years old, his real face is ridiculed for being like a tender cow, and the big brother "run away overnight") Q1518A Regret ,

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This article Bokaro: People's Daily English Edition Shaoyang Intelligent Forging Control Technology Research Institute filming location. Shaoyang Intelligent Forging Control Technology Research Institute Workers of Beijing Youth Daily Shaoyang Huanxing Cigarette Forging Co., Ltd. are busy on the production line. Yang Jieni’s photo of Dongyi Electric’s manufacturing ironworks. A glimpse of Dongyi Electric’s Beijing Youth Daily English paper. Cigarette butts, buttons, mirrors, razors... These seemingly dilapidated building materials markets are also amazing. China has forged many small and unknown factories. , Small and medium-sized cities, aiming at the building materials market, rooting in the market gap behind the industrial development giants, continuing to cultivate and improve, and relying on cost-effective advantages and "black technology" to stand on the top of the industry. This newspaper launches a special issue today, explaining the 10 yuan moisture-proof safety measures cigarette butts on the other side, 20 yuan household kitchen ignition rope, 40 yuan USB charging plug... Dongyi Electric Co., Ltd. located in Xiangtan City, Xiangtan City, Hunan Province In the manufacturing ironworks, there are 8 series and more than 500 varieties of various cigarette butts, which are eye-opening. Chen Shuqi, chairman of Dongyi Electric, said that this is the largest cigarette butt factory in the history of the world. Nearly 10,000 cigarette butts are pushed to the market from the intelligent production line every day. For more than 20 years, no matter how the raw materials and cost increase, they are only sold for 1 yuan, and the profit of each head pulcher is a few cents. The cigarette butt industry has developed a lot. Changsha Customs statistics show that in 2022, Shaoyang will export 352,000 cigarette butts alone, accounting for 50.1% of the total cigarette butt export products in the country during the same period. Shaoyang maintains a complete cigarette butt supply chain. There are thousands of enterprises, hundreds of thousands of employees, and the annual output value exceeds 10 billion. The small cigarette butt hides the secret of the transformation and upgrading of the forging industry and the brand reconstruction. The cost of labor is continuously reduced: the high-speed intelligent manufacturing and the integration of unparalleled supply chain resources are "following"! Randomly pick up any cigarette butt on the production line, a simple gesture of exerting force, the flame will rise up, repeat this gesture for thousands of times, and even stack it obliquely, and it still remains the same. "Everyone who smokes knows that some cigarette butts are taken away, some are lost, and some are thrown away, but few of them can achieve such performance at a very low price, and the content of control technology is not low." Shaoyang Tobacco Butt Association Director Lv Shenghua often tells people that a small cigarette butt has a lot of knowledge on the other side. When we approach the intelligent production line of Dongyi Electric, we can clearly see that even the simplest cigarette butt manufacturing has many accessories and complicated procedures. "A general plastic cigarette butt has more than 20 parts. It needs to go through Wang Kaiying's technology and more than 10 tests to deliver the most common flow guide core, core sleeve, and sponge color crystal inside the cigarette butt. Electronic components, valves, printing, plastic products, and galvanized paint also each have a long supply chain. Therefore, the other side of a cigarette butt company sometimes needs thousands of infrastructure construction companies,” Lu Shenghua said. Infrastructure builders, intelligent manufacturing that can be completed in less than half an hour in Shaoyang, and unparalleled integration of supply chain resources - such a scene was completely unimaginable 30 years ago. "At that time, it was all manual workshops There are factories in towns and villages, and there are cigarette butt manufacturers everywhere, and those who are in a hurry on the road are delivering accessories. In Shaoyang, many people have the experience of assembling cigarette butts by piece.” Lv Shenghua said that this manufacturing mode relied heavily on the low price at that time. In 2014, orders for cigarette butts in Shaoyang soared, and labor costs also rose. Workshop manufacturing could no longer meet the demand for orders, and the old manufacturing model would not be able to maintain. "In the past, industrial development could be transferred to Shaoyang, where the cost is low, and in the future, it can also be transferred to places with lower cost. In order to maintain competitiveness, intelligent manufacturing and modern management must be introduced." Chen Shuqi recalled that many business owners were resistant at that time Emotions, because the little money earned over the past 10 years is not enough to invest in a year of intelligent transformation. "However, this road has to be taken no matter how difficult it is." Bai Jiabao, deputy general manager of Dongyi Electric, is the industry talent "dug" from Zhejiang by Chen Shuqi. "When I first came, Dongyi could only produce 1 million cigarette butts a day But more than 10,000 workers are needed, and the factory building can’t sit down.” Bai Jiabao said that soon, the company launched an automatic assembly project for parts assembly; the most difficult welding, realizing intelligent welding; installing cigarette butt gears, using machine vision. Today, the daily welding quantity of Dongyi Electric has increased from 30,000 to 120,000 cigarette butts, and the daily assembly quantity has increased from 1,000 to 10,000 per person. "From manual to intelligent equipment, the per capita efficiency has increased by 30 times. The labor cost of a cigarette butt has dropped from 10 cents to 1 cent and 5 cents." Chen Shuqi said, "It's no problem to continue to sell cigarette butts for 1 yuan." Nationally leading control technology What’s more unique is that most of the intelligent equipment developed by Shaoyang’s cigarette butt industry are almost non-standard equipment developed by local infrastructure manufacturers. From wholesale OEM to the establishment of a “moat”: Independent research and development, intellectual property , Brand building can not be less than the couple Yao Shoutyun and Fu Zaihua. In the cigarette butt industry in Shaoyang, everyone knows that in the 1990s, the couple "followed the vines" and found the origin of the cigarette butts sold in the Xiangtan market. —Shunde, Guangdong They purchased spare parts from Shunde, returned to Shaoyang for assembly, and established a cigarette butt factory, becoming the first batch of local "crab-eating" people. Yao Shoutyun clearly remembers the embarrassment of being a "follower". At a meeting to discuss cigarette butt industry standards, manufacturers from the southeast coast gathered, and Yao Shoutyun was one of the only two participants in Shaoyang. Innovation, market layout is also early, we can't talk at all, we can only listen." Yao Yaoyun recalled that he was sitting in a corner at that time, feeling lonely. Not only that, because of the rapid development of the industry, the market has also become disordered and chaotic. "For a while, many counterfeit and inferior products were returned by foreign customs from time to time because of quality problems. The price war is also very fierce, and they tear each other down." Lu Shenghua said how it ended This situation? In 2002, Shaoyang Tobacco Butt Association came into being. The association releases guidance prices, integrates industry resources, and guides enterprises to strengthen industry self-discipline; research platforms such as Shaoyang Intelligent Forging Control Technology Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as Shaozhi Institute) are committed to promoting the breakthrough and application of industry common control technologies. In 2017, Xiangtan City invested 200 million yuan was set up as a public control technology service platform and a new R&D institution in the field of intelligent forging, Shaozhi Institute, which is specialized in the development and upgrading of customized industries for small and medium-sized enterprises, including thousands of cigarette butt enterprises in Shaoyang. In the 2022 "Invention and Entrepreneurship Innovation Award" issued by the China Association of Inventions, the "Efficient Assembly Control Technology and Application of Special-shaped Small Parts Based on Intelligence and Applicability" led by Shao Zhiyuan won the first prize. Carry out research on key common control technologies, and have developed more than 30 new equipment and products (sets), authorized 276 pieces of intellectual property rights, including 47 invention patents, and formed more than 50 scientific and technological innovation achievements." Shao Zhiyuan Vice President Fei According to Mingfu, the award-winning achievements of Shaozhi Institute will be used to solve the common difficulties and pain points of cigarette butt manufacturing, such as parts assembly, flame detection and finished product packaging. Europe and the United States are important markets for Shaoyang cigarette butt export products. Failure to meet the standard once became an obstacle to entering this market. Bai Jiabao said that thanks to Shao Zhiyuan's adaptive adjustment of cigarette butt gas volume and the breakthrough of flame intelligent detection and control technology, Dongyi successfully solved the problem of unstable flame control technology. At present, Shaoyang cigarette butt industry development maintains 3 national innovation platforms , 8 provincial-level innovation platforms, more than 1,000 R&D personnel, 200 million yuan invested in R&D each year, and core control technology research with Central South University and other universities. More than 3,000 scientific research achievements have been accumulated, and the annual product innovation rate has reached 38%. On the basis of integrating industry resources and strengthening research and development, Shaoyang Tobacco is also making efforts in terminal brands and sales. Shaoyang Tobacco has retained nearly 300 design patents, 16 famous brands in Hunan Province and 146 overseas registered trademarks. "To bravely enter the world: domestic cigarette butts march towards a broader market. In Shaoyang, Yao Yaoyun and Fu Zaihua were the first to build a factory, and they were the first to contact foreign trade. "In 2002, when we participated in the Canton Fair, a foreign businessman from Indonesia placed an order of 1 million pieces. At that time in Shaoyang, no one knew how to follow the procedures for exporting cigarette butts.” Yao Shoutyun said that after traveling to Changsha and Tianjin, they obtained the qualification to export cigarette butts. "The conditions were not mature in all aspects at that time, so we had to bite the bullet." Lu Shenghua said that the inspection and supervision of export products cigarette butts needed to pass type tests. Hunan did not have the conditions, so the association led the company to Tianjin; cigarette butts were hazardous chemicals and were dragged to Ningbo. The port is more than 1,000 kilometers away, and a single enterprise does not have the transportation capacity. In 2008, the Shaoyang Tobacco Butt Association took the lead in establishing a dangerous cargo transportation company, and 42 professional transport trucks went directly to the port. The qualifications and channels for export products have been obtained, and the rest is to open up the international market. In 2008, the 26th Panama International Exposition was held. Lu Shenghua, who could not speak a foreign language, rushed to the exhibition, and the more than 2,000 cigarette butts he brought were all robbed. The price is as high as 2 dollars a head, and I have met many customers. Over the past ten years, the Shaoyang Tobacco Butt Association has established a global direct sales network through continuous "going out". "The association has a new product database. All new products of the company need to be sent here for filing during the development and proofing period. Similar products will be rejected by the association. This encourages innovation and the association also establishes a price supervision committee to avoid vicious competition overseas." Lv Shenghua It is said that today, Shaoyang Tobacco is getting bigger and bigger in the overseas market, and its products are sold in hundreds of countries and regions. In 2020, Shaoyang Customs will be established and operated, and cigarette butt export products will become one of the main products of Shaoyang’s foreign trade export products. Industry associations jointly carry out research on domestic and foreign cigarette butt standards, and promote self-owned brands to obtain 2 customs intellectual property filings. From January to April this year, the value of cigarette butts exported by Xiangtan City was 800 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 12.2%. Industrial development has been successfully transformed and upgraded, product quality and intellectual property rights have been improved, and Shaoyang cigarette butts have gained more voice in the international market and promoted exports. The volume of products continues to grow. In 2022, the self-owned brand created by Hunan Dongyi Electric Co., Ltd. has obtained customs intellectual property rights filings, and the volume of cigarette butt exports will increase by about 20% over the previous year. "With this filing, it will be easier for the customs to find infringing products, take active protection measures for us, and also create a deterrent effect on some companies that want to counterfeit our designs," said Bai Jiabao.

How to get rich with 10 yuan (Turn a 1 yuan business into a leading industry (big industry in the building materials market ①) Digging, Digging Mr. Huang is 39 years old, his real face is ridiculed for being like a tender cow, and the big brother

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